Aug. 25th, 2013

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OMG! Dragon con time is only days away! *squee!* I can't wait! =D

So next picspam time! =D I'm trying to go retro here with a some of my older collections although I did just waste an hour looking through new deviations to make sure I had all the lovely Guybrush pictures I could share (to my liking of course ;)

For those who don't know who Guybrush is, he's from a cult classic 8-bit game called Monkey Island. It came out in 1990 spanning a 5 game series where the last was made in 2009 (and I've yet to play :P) It's a point and click adventure game that's very humorous and Guybrush is totally spankable LOL!
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I don't know why I have the nagging need to draw Steve Newlin all weepy and vulnerable, but.... yeah guess I'm just feeling angsty since he went away :P And *evil grin* my imagination kind of goes awry seeing him all pouty LOL! I got some new paper (Bristol, as suggested by a fellow artist as well as getting a darker graphite pencil. The pencil darkness was great, but it's blending quality is crap! I had to keep reworking this to get it right, and there are still a few blaring mistakes (that I notice that makes me cringe 0o) Other than that, I like it :P

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