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Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything goes - whatever strikes your fancy, and nothing is taboo or TMI, or any of that nonsense. If you're not comfortable asking here, go ahead and PM me.

So far I've got:

[profile] cookielaura
Dec 1 favourite things to eat and drink?
[profile] katje0711
Dec 2. Who's your favorite author and what's your favorite book by them?
[personal profile] ashmedai
Dec 6 How did you come to realize you were kinky? Do you think it's always been a facet of your personality, or did it evolve?
[personal profile] iamrman82
Dec 9 Favourite Christmas movie and/or Christmas song
[personal profile] dungeonwriter
Dec 14 Favorite movies of yours.
[profile] ficwriterjet
Dec 20 Now that you've had two kids, and some time to recover from the pregnancy/birth, how do you think the two pregnancies and births compared? Was one better or easier than the other and why?
[personal profile] connorblond
Dec. 25 Sunrise or sundown?

Feel free to chime in on any more questions to fill up the month! =D

Today's question!

[profile] katje0711
Dec 2. Who's your favorite author and what's your favorite book by them?

I'd probably have to say Stephen King since I've read so much of his stuff and enjoyed most of what I've read in the manner he executes his ideas. My favorite book by him... that's tough, but I would probably have to sat The Drawing of the Three from the Dark Tower series. I really like Rolland and his adventures bringing his companions into his world and getting more info about Jake etc. Just a lot of fun over all. I'm ashamed I still have yet to finish the series.... 3 more books after Wizard and Glass and then that epilogue if I remember correctly?

So, I just was visiting at [profile] katje0711's site where she hosted my question: What would you think of DW having a Dalek as a companion? (Of course one that actually had emotions not inhibited.

Her answer was:
Does Oswin count? If not, then I'm not sure so I could ever imagine the Doctor with a Dalek as a companion. After all, they seem to be only capable of focusing on destroying him. Even if there was one that appeared to be good, I'm not sure the Doctor could ever overlook how many have been out to kill him. And look what happened in Into the Dalek. I Just don't think it would ever happen.

Now I adore the Daleks, and I'm not really sure why, but they wormed their way into my heart the very first time I saw them (where Christopher Eccleston was DW) and Rose touched the Dalek infecting it with her 'humanity' I was moved by this, and from that point, I have always had a soft spot for them which of course led to many doodles...

This was my first of a Dalek pranking the Doctor XD

Of course I went on a spree...

Daleks playing hide and seek... hey! No peeking you! LOL! XD

A lounging Dalek (which Scott actually saw someone else made something similar and was selling it at Dragoncon... great minds and all that eh?)

I was thinking Aladdin's "A whole New World" here :P

Dalek lovebirds ;)

And of course, my favorite: This I named a Dalek dares to dream thinking of that very first episode where I imagined a Dalek staring into the sky and contemplating the universe

What do you guys think? (Saying you watch Doctor Who) Do you think an emotionally uninhibited Dalek could ever be a companion to the Doctor?


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