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So, we got home Sunday night (Monday morning) and I haven't really slowed down since I got home...

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I know I've been posting like crazy guys, so many good things to share, and I actually have the TIME to post! :) I hope everyone had a great day, it was a gorgeous weekend out here averaging around 72 degrees! I of course have some pics and videos of the kids to share with you guys :P

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A quick picspam of baby Nox Liam for you guys. There will be more, but these are a few we took during delivery (He was born 4/14/2014 at 7:53AM and was 8.6lbs for any who might be wondering :P)

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A few pics of Lucian celebrating our mixed birthday/baby shower :) I wanted to post these before Nox comes on Monday morning... then you can expect to be bombarded with lots of newborn pics to share as soon as I'm cognitive enough to do so :P

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Mar. 8th, 2014 11:16 am
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It's been a while I know, I have a hard time keeping up these days with work, school, and home life. I do have a few things to chat about though, and some pics/videos of Lucian to share =D Oh! Just FINALLY decided on a baby name for the new little one! Nox Liam :)

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I've got a lot to share, and instead of waiting until several months down the road, I plan to spill and picspam you now LOL!

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I'm missing my shows! Evil hiatus! So in honor of Walking Dead, I share an album of collected art/pics I've gathered for all my fellow dead heads. For those that have watched up until the latest episode, what are your thoughts on the show thus far, what do you want to see happen when the show comes back in Feb?

WARNING for spoilers in the comments! :P
Walking Dead - Imgur
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OMG! Dragon con time is only days away! *squee!* I can't wait! =D

So next picspam time! =D I'm trying to go retro here with a some of my older collections although I did just waste an hour looking through new deviations to make sure I had all the lovely Guybrush pictures I could share (to my liking of course ;)

For those who don't know who Guybrush is, he's from a cult classic 8-bit game called Monkey Island. It came out in 1990 spanning a 5 game series where the last was made in 2009 (and I've yet to play :P) It's a point and click adventure game that's very humorous and Guybrush is totally spankable LOL!
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I'm officially done with my microeconomics class! Yay! I should have my final grades back by this Wednesday, and I don't have class again until next Sunday! Double yay! =D That means I get some me time! =D

Speaking of school, would you guys be interested in reading my papers as I write them? I'm sure most won't be into reading my class work, but it can be a fun way to share what I'm doing for those who might find what I'm writing about to be compelling enough to spark a conversation. Of course, You'll also have to put up with my inserted opinions. :)

Now then, this picspam is my Wreck-It-Ralph fandom folder (I will admit it's like 90% Turbo since... yeah, I don't have to tell you guys that I'm a big Turbo fan by now right? :P)
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So, I've been meaning to share fandom squee with all my lovely friends! I know many of you are also Doctor Who fans, so my very first held candle will go to Doctor Who! I've got a lot of images, so I'm going to be putting them in Imjur albums to share with you guys to make it easier for all involved ;)

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