Aug. 12th, 2014

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So, I'm a bit distressed. The work I'm doing has been okay so far, but the past two weeks I've gotten about 38 hours... which makes for a sorry paycheck when you are used to working an average of 50+ a week. I'm a little scared because yesterday and today I only was able to get 8hrs and then 9hrs with an 'expected' 8hrs a day on average while the volume is low... 4 days a week! Around 32hrs a week? Are you fucking kidding me?! =( I can't support my family on that being the sole provider, not to mention they are pulling $146.62 a week out of my check for insurance (normally $131) for back pay for the last month before I returned for work. It's really stressing me out :(

On the positive side, I had a rough week for school work, and the extra time gave me what I needed to get my final project done that I somehow managed to misread at first (most classes I've taken at CTU, the last assignment is usually an add on to the previous week's major project (this was a 10 to 12 slide Powerpoint with 200-300 words per slide) the next week was the same making the project a 20 to 24 slide project... I spent from 1PM to midnight working on that as I misread it to be an additive of quality management of 2 to 3 slides as it looked almost identical to the first... thankfully I noted the difference and was able to get it done on time! Yay! This teacher is also super fast with grading! =D

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