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Hey guys! Well, I figured it was about time to make an update and let you guys know what's going on in Jenna Town :P

First of all, I just turned 37 on the 26th, and I got lots of love with birthday wishes! Thanks again to all you lovely folks that took time out of your day to make me feel special! =D

I'm super blessed to have so much love, and I'm even more blessed with art and stories gifts! I know I posted this link previously, but for any who may have missed it: (A Game of Thrones spanking fic with Brienne and Jaime written by [profile] ficwriterjet! Here is her fanfic page:

Another fun sexy fic written for the Flash comics fandom by [profile] dillonmania! with Golden Glider and the Top! Here is her Archive of Our Own account:

And lastly, a super cute chibi Parker Robbins (AKA The Hood!) artwork done for me by [profile] frostydragon! here:

Here's a link to her Deviant Art page:

For my birthday, we went out to eat at Red Lobster with the boys, and this followed by a trip to the mall on a quest for fox stuff (Jason's idea to up my fox collections since I adore them LOL!) I found two cute stuffed animals. Of course we had more fun taking the kids about the mall for a ride on these things! LOL!

A pic of our boys and Shannon's watching a movie:

And of course brotherly love :P

Good times in the pool!

A little video: Nox loves to pull my hair, but he's just so darn cute even if he's hurting me! LOL!

I have some exciting news! I just interviewed for the distribution center's admin position (The personal secretary to the man in charge of running the DC!) I put in for it when it came up as available last week. A ton of people have put in for the position, so there's a huge applicant pool, but I've got high hopes :) I was told yesterday I would have the interview today, and I was so freaking nervous! I kept feeling like my underarms were smelling from how much I was perspiring! LOL! I think the interview went pretty well though, so hopefully by the end of the week I'll know something :) If I do get the job, I'll get to travel to one of the other DCs to train for a week before coming back to start which would be a fun jaunt to if I get the position :) Wish me luck!


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