Aug. 29th, 2015 04:32 pm
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The last update I made was kind of lame, so I wanted to post something more upbeat and happy :)

Things at work have been going well considering everything that happened, so I'm not complaining about it. Honestly, I kind of like not having to worry about the responsibility of VP, and I am able to help everyone else with their jobs, so everyone gets out in a timely manner which makes me feel good.

Lucian was sick with a stomach bug for a couple days, but he was feeling better today, so we took him and Nox out to the park and of course took pics. I just got him a haircut to, but haven't gotten a pic of that yet.

I'm feeling pretty good after writing my last paper for my current class, and I'm going to attempt to get my next assignment done this weekend (so I don't have to worry about homework until I get back in town next weekend! =D Jason and I are going out to visit friends at Dragoncon Thursday night (going to put back some drinks and make merry, sleep it off in Scott's hotel room, and head back home Friday day!) We set up a babysitter a month ago to do this, and I'm super stoked! XD

I've been posting a few videos and pics over at Facebook (because it's really easy to do there through my phone, and I've been too lazy to go through the process of sharing here...) Honestly, I haven't been online anywhere near as much as I used to be. Lately I've been sucked in to playing Elder Scrolls Online, and the free time not spent with the children has been spent getting lost in that dang game LOL! It is a lot of fun, so forgive me if I'm not around as much for a while oO

I did want to share pics and vids with you guys that you've been missing of course :P

Grr... Having trouble sharing, so I'm just going to link you guys. Let me know if you have issues with them...



I hope you guys are doing well. LJ has been kind of quiet these days, but I gather with summer and all, folks are out and about and what not.

Is everyone (that watches TV) getting geared up for the new seasons to come?

I still have a ton of shows on my DVR I REALLY need to watch like ASAP before the new season starts oO I've got the whole 2nd season of True Detective, all the newest Hell on Wheels, and the new show Fear of the Walking Dead (which I'm looking forward to!) to watch before the new shows come spilling on to prime time.

I'm kind of sad that this will be the last season of Hell on Wheels, so I gather that is why I've been hesitating to watch it *pout*

We decided to check out that show Whispers, and honestly, it sounded like an interesting premise, but the plot decisions are so way unrealistic, we are planning on watching the last show for the season and are going to be done with it (really shouldn't have stuck it out this long, but I'm such a completest! oO

What shows are you guys watching/looking forward to coming back on this season?
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