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Yay! More art! =D

Another pic to add towards our story. I had to do this one from the recent chapter because it cracks me up to no end! XD

Story excerpt:

Bunnymund could be heard still yelling in the distance as Blitzen charged forward at an alarming speed for Bunnymund to handle. It became even worse for him as the bit became loose, and Bunnymund's reins flew off. Bunnymund's screams became shrill now as he clung to the antlers.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell!” Frost shouted. He shook his head in frustration as he again urged Vixen forward to catch up to Pitch.

Pitch saw the bridge in the distance and the winds whipped against the riders violently now as the tunnel became narrower funneling the gale directly at them. Pitch pulled himself tightly to Donner now to reduce any resistance as they sped along towards the fast approaching bridge. As they rode closer, Pitch absently wondered where he’d end up if he just kept going. He was far enough away from Bunnymund now for him to present a threat against an escape attempt, and out of all the guardians he feared Jack the least. He could ditch Frost easily enough he assured himself. The fearlings deep within him were coaxing him now, begging him for a chance at freedom. Part of Pitch deeply considered following the suggestion as he wanted freedom to. As Pitch made it to the bridge, he ignored these feelings burying the incessant plea of the fearlings and jackknifed Donner back in the direction needed to complete the race.

Frost was hot on his heels, and Pitch gave him a wink, “Looks like second place for you Jack!” Pitch laughed enjoying himself greatly now.

Bunnymund was holding on to the antlers solely now as his feet flailed behind him as if he were a flag whipping in the wind.

Pitch’s eyes widened at the sight unsure if he should stop to help Bunnymund or laugh… maybe both? He didn’t really want to help Bunnymund, but he supposed that he’d created this mess, so he should at least attempt to help him. Pitch sighed pulling back on Donner’s reins and spurred the reindeer back in the direction of Blitzen.

“We’ll see about that.” Jack mumbled as he made the sharp turn and started off after Pitch. He whipped out his staff and urged Vixen forward. He raised the crook end of the staff into the air, taking control of the wind and commanding it to carry him and Vixen faster.

Pitch raced towards Bunnymund now as Blitzen bucked violently flipping the rabbit, so that he had summersaulted landing backwards on the reindeer with his arms hooked by the elbows on Blitzen’s antlers. All the while Bunnymund squalled in terror.

The sight alone was too hilarious for Pitch, and as he got closer, he couldn’t help laughing uncontrollably at how ridiculous the rabbit looked. Finally passing Blitzen, Pitch cut in front of the reindeer holding out a handful of sugar cubes in an attempt to distract the beast, but Blitzen wasn’t interested having been spooked by Bunnymund’s caterwauling.

As Blitzen barreled by him, Pitch stopped laughing realizing how serious the situation had become as he fought to have Donner catch back up again yelling out to Jack, “Frost! Blitzen won’t stop! Cut him off!”
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