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So, I've been meaning to share fandom squee with all my lovely friends! I know many of you are also Doctor Who fans, so my very first held candle will go to Doctor Who! I've got a lot of images, so I'm going to be putting them in Imjur albums to share with you guys to make it easier for all involved ;)

Please enjoy! As you can tell, I'm a HUGE fan of the Daleks, and my gallery is prominently Dalek heavy ;) What fandoms would you like me to do next? =D If I am into the fandom, I may have a gallery of it.

In other news, I have one more assignment to go to finish my microeconomics class, and I've been able to maintain an A for every assignment again! Yay! =D I am really looking forward to Dragoncon coming up in a few weeks! Although I'm a bit terrified to leave my baby for the first time for so long! 0o I know my parents will take good care of him, but I worry about the little things like him being unable to sleep through the night or missing us and we can't come see him because we are so far away. The thought of that breaks my heart! But maybe, he'll be having so much fun he won't even notice we're gone ;)


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