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Sorry I haven't been around lately. I have been meaning to make a post but just haven't 'felt' up to it. Life isn't bad or anything, but I've been a bit down lately. Not really sure why, maybe because work has been really rough lately... it is what it is.

Still, lots of good things to share! Pics of the kids from our yearly photo shoot we had taken and more below the cut!

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First of all, it's been a great birthday! =D Lunch at Logan's then went see How to train your dragon 2 (which is super awesome and Toothless is made of adorable! Like that's a surprise right?) followed by a trip to the comic store to order figures for my pirates D&D campaign I'm running and an ice cream cone to top off the day. Lucian probably enjoyed the day as much as I did! LOL! He made a little friend at the comic book store and didn't want to leave :P

[profile] dillonmania was awesome enough to write me a ficlet for the Flash Rogues Roscoe(the Top) and Lisa (Golden Glider) that you can check out here! : Thank you so much my sweet! =D

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This is the soonest I've been able to knock a class out! Woot to having a few extra me time days before the next class starts! =D

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Yay! So, I finished my class and have a break until April 6th! I'm almost clicking my heels over here LOL!

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I've got a lot to share, and instead of waiting until several months down the road, I plan to spill and picspam you now LOL!

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So I finally got my grades and I kept my 4.0 average! Yay! =D

As promised as soon as I got my final grade, I'd put my last assignment in for those who might find it interesting :) Feel free to by pass LOL!

Going to attempt to cut with rch text, although I'm not sure it'll work... sorry in advance to those if it doesn't work.
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First of all, it's officially my birthday! Yay! =D I've got lots to share as well since checking email has been spotty with preparing for the 3 day cruise to the Bahamas followed by hanging with Jason's dad when we get back (along with FL friends!)

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Art! Colored Roger Rabbit for Donny and Aladdin and Abu for Jen! =D

Taking suggestions for characters to draw guys! (not scenes... not looking for specifics since I want to have a bit of creativeness to your pic as well, just pick a character we both know, and I'll try to draw it for you :)

Alright, now on to the art! =D Hopefully more to come soon! Trying to work on them while I have a weekend off of school ;) Oh! Grades! =D I got my final grades and kept my 4.0! Woot!

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