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So the doc visit revealed baby is about 9 weeks 4 days according to the ultrasound. After the visit, I brought Jason by the comic store and we changed out some Magic cards for the new set (can't play with cards more than two sets old, so had to fix that to play in the future)

Was pretty happy, so I did a quickie (Another Steve pic! LOL!) This scene where all the vamps looked up towards the roof in horror of the sun was such a great angle that I had to draw poor Steve looking all scared *evil grin*

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Artist/Author: me! =D
Type of work: Fiction
Title: A fresh Start
Fandom: True Blood
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Jessica/Steve
Type of Spanking: Parental
Implement(s): Belt
Summary: I found a way to alter history just a little so our favorite gay vampire American could get a second chance... of course any story by me means second chances often come with well deserved spankings *evil grin* (Non-sexual spanking of an adult WARNING!) Steve has run out of options, and sometimes getting what you need isn't getting what you want.
Rating: T
Word Count: 8670
Notes & Warnings: Harsh if you consider spanking with a belt to be harsh :P
Spoiler up to: Season 6 second to last episode

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I don't know why I have the nagging need to draw Steve Newlin all weepy and vulnerable, but.... yeah guess I'm just feeling angsty since he went away :P And *evil grin* my imagination kind of goes awry seeing him all pouty LOL! I got some new paper (Bristol, as suggested by a fellow artist as well as getting a darker graphite pencil. The pencil darkness was great, but it's blending quality is crap! I had to keep reworking this to get it right, and there are still a few blaring mistakes (that I notice that makes me cringe 0o) Other than that, I like it :P

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This week was kind of hellish... a lot of long hours to the point I was brain dead for the majority of the week. I didn't get to do much of what I wanted being out of class for 6 days (namely to catch up on my emails... which I'm still sorely behind on :/ Scott was nice enough to watch Lucian for us Friday night, so Jason and I could go play a Magic the Gathering tournament! (My first! I used to play way back in the day, and I still have my old deck. We had to spend some money to get new cards last week, so we could enter the tournament since you have to have play with in certain sets... it's a way to make money, but it also keeps cheeseballs from bringing in cards that are too powerful from previous sets, so I can understand why they do it. Out of 25 players, I came in 11th place :) Yay! We plan to play when we go to Dragoncon and are quite excited to play there like the big fat nerds we are LOL! :P

It's been forever since I had the gumption to draw anything... but being at the tournament gave me a bit of in between time to work on my True Blood art... one more episode to go! I was sad to see Steve go *pout* There is surprisingly no fanart for these two out there which is sad because they are fun characters if a bit douche bag LOL! ;)

I haven't forgotten about all my other promised art, I just did this one because I needed to draw SOMETHING, and portraits are pretty easy for me since the concept is already there, and all I need to do is draw it. So, without further ado,

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