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I've been having writer's block lately and using art as a venue to get my creativity out. Sorry I'm behind on answering recent posts. I've been finding it difficult to keep up these days :( Please forgive me!
I'm getting there I promise!


TheBigSlick does it again! Lovely pic done for the spanking a couple chapters back! =D



If you would like to commission him:


Another less dirty pic by PencilHead7 (who does very well priced commissions I might add!) of Sansa with her bested men harem! LOL! Why do I want this? XD I don't know, but thinking of Sansa owning both is just freaking hot to me (don't judge me! :P) You can get with the artist here:


That's it for the commissions. These next ones are my own artwork:


Tormund, a pic I was commissioned to draw by a good friend!:


The Iwan Rheon fan 'squad' shirt I was asked to draw for our not so humble love of Iwan!


Here's the original:


And the vectored with lettering:



Iwan himself even left me a comment on Twitter that made my day! =D


And lastly, I drew Petyr Baelish last night! (By the way, has anyone even seen a Petyr!bottom fic? I've yet to come upon one, and I is sad!!!



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 So I will definitely put this under a cut although the first one is the colored piece of my own work I shared the black and white of, the second is just sweet with mild nudity, the third *evil grin* Well let's just say it's not!

In other less porn related news, life is going well. Gearing up to go to Con of Throne June 30th and July 1st! Sweet! Iwan Rheon (actor who plays Ramsay Bolton) is going to be there, so I'm totally bugging him for a pic (because I'm a stalker! LOL!) Anyways, that's my birthday gift to myself, and there will be much drinking, eating, and Thrones-ing to be had, and I can't wait! XD I need to find a roomshare to split the room! No one is happening to go out there that still needs a room is there? :P

I have some pics of the boys to share, but I'll save it for a non-porn related post! Oo

I hope you guys are doing well out there! (porny pics beneath the cut!)

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It's been forever since I've posted, and thought I'd drop by to share a fic I've been busting my butt to finish by my birthday (mostly because Jason wrote me a fic with the same character, and I wanted to make sure my story didn't get polluted with his ideas LOL!) So anyways, this is probably the darkest thing I've ever written, just to be warned...

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Jun. 20th, 2015 04:55 pm
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So, I've been crazy busy with every day life that I haven't been online as often as usual, and thought folks were being unusually quiet lately until I got a notification that I'd been mentioned in a post, but I'd never gotten the notification through email! Instead LJ decided that it wished to instead switch to sending my notifications to my 'inbox' here (that I've never checked...) So, if I've missed anything important in the past couple months, please do point me to your posts. And I'm truly sorry! I'm not ignoring you guys I promise! oO

In better news, for those of you the are fellow GoT fans, check out this awesome fic made for me by the lovely [profile] ficwriterjet! It's a Brienne/Jaime spanking fic! *giggle* Yay to made of win birthday gifts! =D
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First of all, happy fourth of July! =D So, I know it's been forever since I drew anything; I'm pretty pleased with the results although my hand is hurting now LOL! XD Any of you guys that are Game of Thrones fans, I drew a Ramsay/Theon pic for a DA friend, Isaacsporcaelus for an art trade. She's drawing me a Brienne/Jaime pic! I can't wait to see it! *squee!* :P

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First of all, it's been a great birthday! =D Lunch at Logan's then went see How to train your dragon 2 (which is super awesome and Toothless is made of adorable! Like that's a surprise right?) followed by a trip to the comic store to order figures for my pirates D&D campaign I'm running and an ice cream cone to top off the day. Lucian probably enjoyed the day as much as I did! LOL! He made a little friend at the comic book store and didn't want to leave :P

[profile] dillonmania was awesome enough to write me a ficlet for the Flash Rogues Roscoe(the Top) and Lisa (Golden Glider) that you can check out here! : Thank you so much my sweet! =D

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