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Okay, so I've been meaning to post here for a while, but life kept getting in the way. I wanted to make sure I posted the Easter and boys' birthday pics and videos before too much more time got away from me.

Other than that, finished another chapter with [profile] cat2000 of A Change in Plans that can be read here:

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I thought it would be just easier to link to the chapters over posting them here since I don't think really anyone is reading them in this blog, and if they are, it's just easier for me to post the links to share more easily :P

Chapter Nine of A Change in Plans: (Jim/Oswald) Gotham

(Yes, the spanking finally happened! LOL!)

A new fic, Snitches get Stitches (Fish/Oswald) Gotham

BIG Warning on this one! It's a bit more brutal than I tend to like, but for the pairing, it's understandable. It has a lot more than just spanking to, so if you're down for a little bit darker...

I wrote this one with a fellow fanfic author named, SickoLady. She is posting the story by chapter on fanfic, and I posted it as a one shot on Archive here:

Another new fic! Yay! =D This is a Black Sails fic (OC/Jack) Small cameo with Anne as well. It takes place at the end of Jack's reign as a pirate hence the OC since I wanted to save him from death by noose... although he won't be getting off easy by any means *evil grin* This fic I'm writing all characters except for Jack who is being written by a FetLife friend of mine, JamesDV! ;)

Sorry I've been a bit MIA. School is back in session, the boys had their party this Saturday (will be posting pics/videos for that and Easter at some point in the near future :P) It seems LJ has been kind of quiet these past few weeks anyway, and I gather everyone has been a bit displaced or busy. I hope you are all doing well out there *hugs & snugs!*
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So, I know it's been a long time since I posted! My last class did a number on me, but I'll chat on that in my next post I plan to make either tomorrow or Sunday. For now, the latest update in my spanking fanfic written with [profile] cat2000!

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I was dropping by to put up chapter 7 of A Change in plans (my Gotham co-written fic with [profile] cat2000!) and I realized I never posted chapter six, so this will be a twofer :P

I'll post again later to share pics of the boys as we went to get their yearly pics for their birthday and the photo place was having a special :)

Anyways, chapter updates behind the cut! ;)

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Happy Valentine's Day to me!! =D My delightful hubby and I worked out a fic idea where Jim decides to confront Oswald with the use of the term 'friend' and how that all plays out for our dear Oswald *evil grin* This is the 1st of at least four chapters that we plot bunnied, and he (ever loving husband that he is) wrote out for me! So please do enjoy... even if Oswald surely won't! LOL! I'm such a meanie! ;) *cackles*

Oswald often skirts consequences for his actions at every turn, but crossing Jim was a mistake especially when Jim decides to make a concerted effort to be a friend much to Oswald's reluctance to his definition thereof. WARNING! Contains non-sexual spanking! Takes place at the end of episode "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"

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Jan. 23rd, 2015 09:57 pm
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TGIF! Man I'm glad it's finally Friday! It's been an exhausting week, and I'm only getting Sat off before having to go back in to work Sunday. The paychecks are great, but I'm feeling a bit drained going in to week four of 50+ hour work weeks with one day off and poor sleep since Nox has been rather restless all week allowing for very little sleep... averaging around 2 hours a night... I was excited about the prospect of getting a massage at Virginia College Sat afternoon, but while I was at work, I got a message saying they were closing the clinic tomorrow, so no massage for me... *sigh* Just venting a little sorry. I feel better now ;)

We did go out to Outback tonight as Scott wanted to treat Jason to dinner for his birthday and getting together last weekend wasn't happening. Dinner was excellent too! [profile] cat2000 and I have been writing a couple responses a day and have finished the latest chapter of our Gotham fic... there WILL be spanking in this chapter! LOL! It'll be below the cut ;)

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I've been feeling the creative vibe lately certainly! =D I have two things to share for those interested!

The first is something the wonderful [profile] thisisdavid (SingingDavid on Smule) invited me to, called Smule! We sang Drops of Jupiter together :)

I sang a few songs some okay... listen at your own risk! I don't think I'll make your ears bleed... I hope not anyway! ;) LOL!

If you're up to it, come sing with me! =D

And of course, [profile] cat2000 and I have been plugging away at our story for the show Gotham! The second chapter will be posted under the cut ;)

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So, this week I started co-writing a fic off of a plot bunny I had for the show Gotham! It's been FOREVER since I've written anything, and it feels SO good! Thank you so much [profile] cat2000 for inspiring me to slap my muse in the face and get something creative going again! I can't tell you how alive I've felt being able to tap into the cobwebs of my brain and kind of clear out the funk that been residing there. For any interested please let me know what you think, i'm a total comment whore LOL! ;) No worries if spanking isn't your thing, the first couple chapters won't have any yet :P

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