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Author: Spankingfemme

Type of Work: fanfiction

Title: Naughty List

Fandom: Lucifer

Spanking Pairing: Chloe/Lucifer

Implement: belt

Summary: Lucifer pushes Chloe too far, and one of his many innuendos comes back to literally bite him on the butt!

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 6489

Notes & Warnings: semi-consensual spanking of an adult

Spoiler up to: N/A

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It's been forever since I've posted, and thought I'd drop by to share a fic I've been busting my butt to finish by my birthday (mostly because Jason wrote me a fic with the same character, and I wanted to make sure my story didn't get polluted with his ideas LOL!) So anyways, this is probably the darkest thing I've ever written, just to be warned...

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So, I totally should we doing homework, but I am not. I'm a bad girl I know, but the research is done, and I just have to actually put it together into a powerpoint, so a couple hours work tops... I hope LOL!

Anyway, another pic fro my Nightmares to dreams fic! Read more... )
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I'm writing! *squee!* You don't know how much this lifts my spirits! =D

This lovely fic is a co-written piece by myself and the lovely [profile] frostydragon! I’m writing for Pitch, Sandy, and Bunnymund where she is writing for North, Jack, and Toothinia.

It’s been several years since the Guardians defeated Pitch, but they are bound to cross paths again, and when they do, the Guardians have decided that things between them have to change. As with pretty much all of my fics, this contains nonconsensual spanking of an adult, so consider yourself warned!

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I know I've been MIA lately... It's hard to believe I haven't posted since August! Life has been kind of crazy, and between work, school, every day life, and the holidays, I just haven't really been online much outside of doing homework for the cost accounting class that I am so glad to be finished with! I think it was the hardest class I've had (mostly because the teacher was such a tool) I had to teach myself the course, but I still managed to eek by an A thankfully! I'm just relieved it's over now, and I get a little break from all things school until the 3rd.

Good news I hadn't mentioned yet; the manager that was making my life hell was pushed to leave on a good note (over getting fired for incompetence and laziness), and I had been given my old position back. I had applied for the inventory control clerk position two weeks after that and was told in the middle of November that I got it! Things have been a lot better in my department as I train my replacement. I could have stayed, but honestly, I'm tired of the way they use me for what ever function they want and cut my hours to give them a better CPH (cartons per man hour) The inventory position guarantees 40 hours a week, it's a step in the further progression of my knowledge that will help me in my career, and it relieves me of being the department's door mat. I should be starting my new position sometime in the next couple weeks! :)

I did write a little something for Christmas for a prompt made by [profile] frostydragon! at Spank_World here:

The family is well, we had pictures taken for Christmas:

I'm excited to see their reaction this year for Christmas. They've wanted to watch the Elf on a Shelf movie practically everyday since 'Jack' (Lucian named his elf last Christmas) appeared about two weeks ago :P The past ten days he's diligently been marking off on the calendar how many days until Santa comes. Too dang adorable :)

I'm going to do my best to be better about getting online more often to keep up with my friends here. I hope everyone is doing well and that your holidays are made of win!


Jun. 20th, 2015 04:55 pm
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So, I've been crazy busy with every day life that I haven't been online as often as usual, and thought folks were being unusually quiet lately until I got a notification that I'd been mentioned in a post, but I'd never gotten the notification through email! Instead LJ decided that it wished to instead switch to sending my notifications to my 'inbox' here (that I've never checked...) So, if I've missed anything important in the past couple months, please do point me to your posts. And I'm truly sorry! I'm not ignoring you guys I promise! oO

In better news, for those of you the are fellow GoT fans, check out this awesome fic made for me by the lovely [profile] ficwriterjet! It's a Brienne/Jaime spanking fic! *giggle* Yay to made of win birthday gifts! =D
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I thought it would be just easier to link to the chapters over posting them here since I don't think really anyone is reading them in this blog, and if they are, it's just easier for me to post the links to share more easily :P

Chapter Nine of A Change in Plans: (Jim/Oswald) Gotham

(Yes, the spanking finally happened! LOL!)

A new fic, Snitches get Stitches (Fish/Oswald) Gotham

BIG Warning on this one! It's a bit more brutal than I tend to like, but for the pairing, it's understandable. It has a lot more than just spanking to, so if you're down for a little bit darker...

I wrote this one with a fellow fanfic author named, SickoLady. She is posting the story by chapter on fanfic, and I posted it as a one shot on Archive here:

Another new fic! Yay! =D This is a Black Sails fic (OC/Jack) Small cameo with Anne as well. It takes place at the end of Jack's reign as a pirate hence the OC since I wanted to save him from death by noose... although he won't be getting off easy by any means *evil grin* This fic I'm writing all characters except for Jack who is being written by a FetLife friend of mine, JamesDV! ;)

Sorry I've been a bit MIA. School is back in session, the boys had their party this Saturday (will be posting pics/videos for that and Easter at some point in the near future :P) It seems LJ has been kind of quiet these past few weeks anyway, and I gather everyone has been a bit displaced or busy. I hope you are all doing well out there *hugs & snugs!*
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So, I know it's been a long time since I posted! My last class did a number on me, but I'll chat on that in my next post I plan to make either tomorrow or Sunday. For now, the latest update in my spanking fanfic written with [profile] cat2000!

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So Jason, lovely husband that he is has written me the latest chapter in my A Friend to the 'end' story... *evil grin* It's fun as for every chapter I post we've worked out at least three more spankings to come! LOL! XD Poor Oswald, he really has no luck over in these parts ;)

Other than that, it's been a pretty crazy week! I literally just finished my homework a little over an hour ago (We took enough time out to watch the latest Walking Dead, (Does anyone else but me think that Rick and his group are making a big mistake with this community? I have a feeling their inability to trust is going to be their downfall...) and I'm posting this fic, and gods it's already 1AM Oo)

Hope everyone has been doing well. I know I've fallen behind a bit... two more weeks for this semester to end, and I can't wait! Yes, I am a bit tipsy on wine what of it! LOL! :P

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So this is a particularly short weekend, although I can't complain from the long weekend I had prior to this one :P (the reason I had a long weekend, so I could cover for the weekend shift PR clerk.) It was CRAZY today *wipes brow* I was really happy to get the hell out of there and start my weekend. Started class Sunday, and it's been challenging but not fretfully so. I still have to do my main assignment tomorrow *groans* Cross your fingers for me that it doesn't take my whole day off! Oo

Scott bought steaks to grill on his new grill, so we got to partake in the awesome! I got a nice and well needed nap and feel much more energetic than I did a few hours ago. Sleep has been disturbed with everyone being sick, but it seems we are on the whole finally on the mend thankfully.

Been writing away with two co-written fics AND under the cut is the next chapter from Jason! *squee!* I attacked him with surprise sex after being so pent up writing fic that he felt 'inspired!' LOL! XD

Welp, I'm going to answer a few emails, get a shower, and go watch me some Black Sails! Yay! =D I missed this show!
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Happy Valentine's Day to me!! =D My delightful hubby and I worked out a fic idea where Jim decides to confront Oswald with the use of the term 'friend' and how that all plays out for our dear Oswald *evil grin* This is the 1st of at least four chapters that we plot bunnied, and he (ever loving husband that he is) wrote out for me! So please do enjoy... even if Oswald surely won't! LOL! I'm such a meanie! ;) *cackles*

Oswald often skirts consequences for his actions at every turn, but crossing Jim was a mistake especially when Jim decides to make a concerted effort to be a friend much to Oswald's reluctance to his definition thereof. WARNING! Contains non-sexual spanking! Takes place at the end of episode "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"

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I haven't updated in a while, but I and the fam have been well :) Lucian is almost fully potty trained! *squee!* He still has accidents every now and then in the mornings, but has been going without prompting these past few weeks, so I'm super proud of him :) He's got Fox, Cat, Dog, Nox, Mom, Dad, Egg, and Pig down pat. We went to see an arthritis doctor about Jason's hands and feet swelling (he's been coping with this since around 2008, we got him some meds to try out and see if they help) but while we were in the waiting room, Lucian impressed me and the people he was interacting with by phonetically spelling out 'triangle!' (I'm such a proud mommy!) Nox has been pulling up on everything and using it to move about, I see him walking any time now! He's also wearing 12 to 18 month clothes! Getting so big! XD

I've been coming home from work a couple hours early this week ...from feast to famine I swear!... Can't wait till the college gives me my tax info! They wait until the 31st *sigh* and I'm feeling impatient :P

Been doing a lot of writing! YAY! Next chapter has been updated below the cut ;)

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Jan. 23rd, 2015 09:57 pm
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TGIF! Man I'm glad it's finally Friday! It's been an exhausting week, and I'm only getting Sat off before having to go back in to work Sunday. The paychecks are great, but I'm feeling a bit drained going in to week four of 50+ hour work weeks with one day off and poor sleep since Nox has been rather restless all week allowing for very little sleep... averaging around 2 hours a night... I was excited about the prospect of getting a massage at Virginia College Sat afternoon, but while I was at work, I got a message saying they were closing the clinic tomorrow, so no massage for me... *sigh* Just venting a little sorry. I feel better now ;)

We did go out to Outback tonight as Scott wanted to treat Jason to dinner for his birthday and getting together last weekend wasn't happening. Dinner was excellent too! [profile] cat2000 and I have been writing a couple responses a day and have finished the latest chapter of our Gotham fic... there WILL be spanking in this chapter! LOL! It'll be below the cut ;)

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It's been kind of quiet around here as of late. I promised [profile] frostydragon that I'd share a link to my personal collection of spanking art I've collected over the years, and I figured since I haven't posted since the situation with my neighbor I'd let everyone know that everything seems pretty cool. I do think it was the alcohol that had her getting a bit clingy and the fact that she was feeling lonely. We touched briefly on the subject (mostly she just wanted to find out if I'd told Jason and after finding out that I did being reassured he wasn't a blabber mouth) I really like her, and I'm not going to lie that I wanted to reach out and touch her again noticing her even more now since our night together, but I gather that is normal whenever two people share intimacy. I didn't and don't plan to react on those urges again though as I think it best to let it go mostly because I really don't feel comfortable with the lack of honesty on her part with her own partner. It makes me feel like a bad person, and I don't want to feel that way. We did all go out to eat (both families) and that went well, and a couple night's ago, she brought Pippy by to play with Lucian, and Jason took them outside while we went back to the bedroom, so I could breastfeed Nox and just talk. We enjoyed each other's company like old times, and the whole encounter made me feel that we can go back to the way things were, so I'm pretty happy it has seemingly all worked out without any drama. Yay! =D

Outside of that, I'm working LOTS of hours making them big bucks! LOL! I'm relieved to say this latest class has been a lot less nerve wracking than the last couple, and that's been really nice and rather convenient since I'm working all these crazy hours at the moment. Still writing with [profile] cat2000 and should have another update in the near future :)

I hope everyone else out in LJ land has been doing well! *hugs*

Before I forget... that spanking pic link! XD

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Gods I've been so caught up with this latest project that I'm falling behind on updating here. I have half of it done thankfully, and I am hoping to finish it up by Saturday. I have a few pics and videos to share by then as well, and I am looking SO forward to having next week off for Christmas from both work AND school! YAY! =D We are going to be heading out Tuesday to my dad's and will be heading home the day after Christmas, so I may fall behind depending on activities and holiday'ing' :P

Some sad news:
Hercules went missing two Sunday's ago, and we have about given up hope of his returning :( We think he got out when we were bringing in the groceries (he loved to sneak out in to the yard whenever we had to do this, and I gather we had been so tied up with the kids we hadn't noticed until that night.) He had gone missing for a day or so prior to this, but he's never been gone this long. I just really hope that some family saw him out and about and being that he's super friendly took him in. It has been averaging in the mid thirties, and it is definitely a bad time of year for him to have gone exploring *sigh* Send out hopeful vibes for his safety and happiness wherever he may be *tears*

I'm going to move away from that depressing thought now... Questions below the cut!

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Today's question!

[profile] frostydragon asks:
December 12
What is your all time favorite cartoon that includes a spanking? =3 (I’m curious to see if I know it.)

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I'll warn, this is a long post....

Nox will help you endure ;)

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Artist/Author: me! =D
Type of work: Fiction
Title: A fresh Start
Fandom: True Blood
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Jessica/Steve
Type of Spanking: Parental
Implement(s): Belt
Summary: I found a way to alter history just a little so our favorite gay vampire American could get a second chance... of course any story by me means second chances often come with well deserved spankings *evil grin* (Non-sexual spanking of an adult WARNING!) Steve has run out of options, and sometimes getting what you need isn't getting what you want.
Rating: T
Word Count: 8670
Notes & Warnings: Harsh if you consider spanking with a belt to be harsh :P
Spoiler up to: Season 6 second to last episode

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Artist/Author: Me!
Type of work: Fiction
Title: I can fix it!
Fandom: Wreck-it-Ralph
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Felix/Wreck-it-Ralph
Type of Spanking: Punishment
Implement(s): belt
Summary: Ralph has been having a hard time dealing with guilt issues over abandoning
his game, and Felix has an idea on how to help Ralph feel better.
Rating: T
Word Count:869
Notes & Warnings: N/A
Spoiler up to: End of the movie

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Oh man! This could have been better... I inked it, saved it, and posted it last night, and when I reopened, it saved it as a bitmap ...meaning that I no longer had a transparency *pout* I erased the white, but it makes the whole pic not look as clean. *sigh*

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