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It's been kind of quiet around here as of late. I promised [profile] frostydragon that I'd share a link to my personal collection of spanking art I've collected over the years, and I figured since I haven't posted since the situation with my neighbor I'd let everyone know that everything seems pretty cool. I do think it was the alcohol that had her getting a bit clingy and the fact that she was feeling lonely. We touched briefly on the subject (mostly she just wanted to find out if I'd told Jason and after finding out that I did being reassured he wasn't a blabber mouth) I really like her, and I'm not going to lie that I wanted to reach out and touch her again noticing her even more now since our night together, but I gather that is normal whenever two people share intimacy. I didn't and don't plan to react on those urges again though as I think it best to let it go mostly because I really don't feel comfortable with the lack of honesty on her part with her own partner. It makes me feel like a bad person, and I don't want to feel that way. We did all go out to eat (both families) and that went well, and a couple night's ago, she brought Pippy by to play with Lucian, and Jason took them outside while we went back to the bedroom, so I could breastfeed Nox and just talk. We enjoyed each other's company like old times, and the whole encounter made me feel that we can go back to the way things were, so I'm pretty happy it has seemingly all worked out without any drama. Yay! =D

Outside of that, I'm working LOTS of hours making them big bucks! LOL! I'm relieved to say this latest class has been a lot less nerve wracking than the last couple, and that's been really nice and rather convenient since I'm working all these crazy hours at the moment. Still writing with [profile] cat2000 and should have another update in the near future :)

I hope everyone else out in LJ land has been doing well! *hugs*

Before I forget... that spanking pic link! XD


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