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I've been kind of depressed with the new Rumbelle or as it's being called 'GoldenLace' so to make myself feel better, I went to look at Rumbelle videos and of course, I figured why not share? =D

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I did quite a bit of art that I've not shared here... I've been hard pressed to try and post more often. I still plan to share pics of my trip down to Donny's for his birthday as well as the week off I had last week where my mom and step-dad came out to see us and to see Lucian for the first time. Just watched Dark Shadows! I loved it! Too fun :P It's almost midnight! Gah! Why am I not in bed? 6AM always comes too early, but I finished my homework for the day. I dropped down to 1 class a semester. Trying to take on 2 was really killing me. I did so during the add drop phase, so it didn't cost me anything. I've gotten my grades back for the first 3 assignments, and they were all A's, so far so good ;) So yeah, it's late, and I'm going to throw so art at you from the past two weeks (The RumBelle pic I actually haven't been able finish yet due to the Wacom out of commission.) That being said, I discovered something so awesome! My marketing course assignment actually led me to it! I found a Cintiq alternative called, Yiynova MSP19U! It's literally just about as good as the 22HD Cintiq model minus the hot keys for 1/4th the price! =D Oh man I want! I want! *pout* It's about $600... still a bit out of my budget, but not unattainable to save up for... unlike the freaking Cintiq at 2 grand! 0o So now I'm rambling! Okay, on to art :P

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This commission for my good friend, Donny (AKA [profile] devilspaperboy!) The characters are from a game called Borderlands 2. The little robot is called a Claptrap! Aren't they just too damn adorable? =D The chick is named Gaige, and she's one of the characters that you can select to play. Her robotic hand gave me pause! LOL! And that Claptrap! I adore drawing cute robotic minions I swear! :P This only took me a year to get it done *blushes* I'm really sorry Donny! I hope the wait ended up being worth it even if it did come after the following birthday! LOL! :) It does feel good to have scratched another off my list of to do pics. Need to do my art assignment like burning! Gah, I have no motivation for it at all! *pout* I'm a bad student in that regard :/

In other news, I made the chancellor's list at CTU! Woot! Got to keep up the 4.0! And OMG! Once Upon a Time! Why do you steal my heart with your wonderful Rumpelstiltskin moments! *slurps him up!*

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Artist/Author: Done for me by my husband, Jason :P He is fantastic about taking my plot bunnies and making them a reality ;)
Type of work: Fiction
Title: Faith Healing: Chapter 1 Collections
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Spanking Pairing(s) or/and Main Characters: Blue Faerie (AKA Reul Ghorm) and Mr. Gold (AKA Rumpelstiltskin)
Type of Spanking: Adult, Punishment
Implement(s): Paddle
Summary: Takes place after the curse has been broken. Mr.Gold gets more than he bargained for when he goes to collect his rent money from the mother superior formerly known as, Reul Ghorm, the blue faerie matron of all faeries. As many secrets as Rumpelstiltskin has, Reul Ghorm knows more than enough about his motivations to know the curse was his idea.
Rating: T
Word Count or Length (videos, podfic, etc): 3,040
Notes & Warnings: Harsh, Non-Consensual, angst
Spoiler up to: Season 2
Links to Previous Work in this Verse:

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Okay, so I totally have [profile] katje0711 to thank for this lovely pic of Robert Carlyle! =D I feel so invigorated after finishing this piece! I really think it's my best portrait to date :) I worked on it a lot over Donny's house this weekend, taking advantage of the alone time when not doing my homework for my management class. I've got all A's thus far, and Scott, Jason, and Lucian will be home in the morning! I'm feeling pretty dang good all around :) Without further ado, here are the pics (I had to change what he was wearing, so I could turn him into Gold *giggle* XD

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