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Art! Colored Roger Rabbit for Donny and Aladdin and Abu for Jen! =D

Taking suggestions for characters to draw guys! (not scenes... not looking for specifics since I want to have a bit of creativeness to your pic as well, just pick a character we both know, and I'll try to draw it for you :)

Alright, now on to the art! =D Hopefully more to come soon! Trying to work on them while I have a weekend off of school ;) Oh! Grades! =D I got my final grades and kept my 4.0! Woot!

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Okay, so I've been meaning to update this for quite a while! I have a couple videos and pics from Donny's B day trip, Lucian's birthday week, and Easter... yes, I'm REALLY behind! LOL! But, I tried to cut down to just a few, and videos are really short, so no worries :P

P.S. Donny, I drew your Roger Rabbit as well, and that will be below as well =D

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I'm officially on my 4 day long weekend vacation! I've got a paper to write for class due on Monday, but other than that, only fun stuff scheduled! Oh, and that assignment that I got an F on with that one teacher, I got a 96 on with this one! =D

Tonight is D&D night! Woot! And tomorrow we are driving out to Donny's house (AKA [profile] devilspaperboy for his birthday! =D I got him the Wreck-It-Ralph collector's addition (we went to see it together the last time I went over for a visit =D) So yay! WIR fellowship love! LOL! I've been DYING to see the specials on it! *squeal!* I'm also going to attempt to draw him his spanking pic that I've owed him FOREVER... since his last birthday... yay, I suck! o0 I owe a couple folks out there art I know, I'm trying guys I promise! Lately Doodles of Daleks and Turbo during work breaks outside of school related art has been all I've been able to creatively muster. I have one more art piece to do for my final, and my art obligation to that school will be finished, and I can get to work on more fun stuff for you guys. ;)

Speaking of Turbo... Here's my colored version... I'm not overly happy with because I had to color it using my touchpad mouse :( My Wacom is acting all crazy not letting me have any control of the pen. I'm going to use a friend's suggestion and contact the company to see if they can help me get it to work again...

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More Turbo

Mar. 4th, 2013 07:26 pm
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So, I've had a doodle bug eating at me, and the need to draw Turbo has been prevalent! LOL! Again, not so sure why I've become so obsessed with this little attention whore, but there you go Turbo, you get the spotlight... although the last pic of the three is drawn by Arkham_Insanity for me (warning it's a spank comic XD Who'd have thought that would show uo on my blog? LOL!)

In other news, I'm trying desperately to get caught up on emails/posts. Bare with me guys. I swear I'm not ignoring your posts! I try to answer as many as I can, but it seems there are always some left to answer to the point I've got 4 pages of emails in my inbox! 0o

P.S. Donny! Happy birthday my sweet! One day early!
Jet! Happy us anniversary! =D Two days early!

Now for the art!

Maybe I'll do a future post of my DA Turbo faves if any are interested. There really are some great ones out there ;)

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I decided to use a commission as my freebie picture for my final. That's what you call a two-fer! XD Cha-ching! LOL!

I may end up doing something else to submit since the pictures were so small it was hard to get a good eye on details we will see how busy I am when it comes down to when I have to have this submitted by. My management course will be taking up enough time as well as a creative exchange spank pic I'm doing! *snerk* ;)

In other news, Jason and Lucian are down visiting Jason's dad in FL. Scott was going to visit his folks out there, so it was a great opportunity for them to do the same. I'm in an empty house! 0o I'm glad I've got plans to go visit my good spanko friend, Donny (AKA [profile] devilspaperboy!) We've got plans to dine at his fave Mexican restaurant as well as attending his work's Christmas party! So yeah, I'm pretty excited to get away as well.

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