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So, as promised I've got a few pics to share from our adventures in Nashville! =D

Link to my album


Aug. 29th, 2015 04:32 pm
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The last update I made was kind of lame, so I wanted to post something more upbeat and happy :)

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...Brought to you by the letter P and the number 6! XD Can you tell I live with a toddler? LOL!

1) I was exhausted this morning... Nox was tossing and turning and my nose was chafed from blowing it all night last night. I was dreading work with only 2.5 hours of sleep, but the day actually went really smoothly. I didn't really feel like I was going to fall out like some days, and I think a lot of that was because I stayed pretty busy. My boss complimented Shannon and I for doing a great job right before I left which always makes me feel good. (I've also consecutively gotten at least an hour over 8hrs every day (since they have Shannon and I working six days but only really want us putting in 8hrs, I'm really looking forward to that pay check next week! Woot! =D)

2) Came home to the family and actually got in the pool with Lucian (verse watching from outside the pool... which is half the time :P) Of course we played with his new toy fish, and we also played catch with his water football when he wasn't demanding I piggyback him around the pool LOL! He made me get my exercise for sure! Jason made us a really nice meal of baked well seasoned tilapia and french cut green beans while Nox and I relaxed on the bed to breast feed after Lucian and I got our showers and played the daily color game (I have a ceramic fox cookie jar I picked up from Cracker Barrel (if you don't know, I absolutely ADORE foxes!) it hold a bunch of M&M's, and it's a 'game' Lucian wants to play every time he is brought to the bathroom to point at it and yell" FOX!" of course! :P

3) I made today my kick back and relax day after finishing my student responses for the discussion board. I've been dying to catch up on my emails, and the first thing I did was read the next chapter to a wonderful story [profile] ficwriterjet has been writing for me! She is amazingly good to me! *snuggles her tight!* It's a Once Upon a Time fic based off a plot bunny I had, and she has turned it into so much more! Please give her some love and check out the win! --->

Now then, I'm going to do my best to widdle down the over 130 emails I have currently in my inbox! 0o
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I'll warn, this is a long post....

Nox will help you endure ;)

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So, we got home Sunday night (Monday morning) and I haven't really slowed down since I got home...

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I decided to use a commission as my freebie picture for my final. That's what you call a two-fer! XD Cha-ching! LOL!

I may end up doing something else to submit since the pictures were so small it was hard to get a good eye on details we will see how busy I am when it comes down to when I have to have this submitted by. My management course will be taking up enough time as well as a creative exchange spank pic I'm doing! *snerk* ;)

In other news, Jason and Lucian are down visiting Jason's dad in FL. Scott was going to visit his folks out there, so it was a great opportunity for them to do the same. I'm in an empty house! 0o I'm glad I've got plans to go visit my good spanko friend, Donny (AKA [profile] devilspaperboy!) We've got plans to dine at his fave Mexican restaurant as well as attending his work's Christmas party! So yeah, I'm pretty excited to get away as well.

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