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I'll warn, this is a long post....

Nox will help you endure ;)

Work has been... indescribable lately. I'm sure a lot of you remember I made mention on lack of hours in the form of less than 40hrs a week? Well, this week I was asked to work Wed and Thurs (my two of three off days from work) I of course was eager to do so letting them know I had appointments to keep (I'd previously scheduled Friday off to take Nox to his 4mo doctor visit... can you believe he's already 4mo?! Poor little guy had to get 4 more shots *pout*) Wed and Thurs were Jason and my follow up visits (3 and 4) with the marriage counselor (more on that below) Work was fine with that since they wanted me to cover for the receiving clerk, so they could shove her, on the floor to help retrain new checkers that are having major issues.

Friday they pulled me into the office with both supervisors and the manager (which made me nervous... I don't know why I always assume I'm in trouble LOL!) Anyway, the manager asked me if I was flexible...? Yes... I am... I need money, of course I'm flexible. I was told that they want me to work Mon-Sat training to be a back-up for the PR clerk and covering Sat as the receiving clerk until they get some other person they plan to train for receiving clerk for the position Sat. Making me a Mon-Fri employee again? This wasn't solidified, but hinted at. I'm not really sure about that part as it was followed by the statement I would be a 'floater' put in any position I was needed (since I'll be the only one in the department that almost knows every single position... PR clerk will rectify that.) The inconsistency and losing my 3 days off is kind of a bummer (I really liked getting to sleep in and only work two days at a time LOL!)but, I look at it like this, use me as you will for now, and if the opportunity presents itself, I can take all the knowledge you've given me and move on with it. Regardless, I'm still making a dollar more an hour, and that is made of win!

So, you heard that right, 6 days a week! I need the overtime right now, so this is a blessing to catch up on bills and save for Christmas gifts for the kids and pay for the two mini vacations I'll be taking next Labor day weekend and for Jason and my anniversary at the end of Oct. (Dragon con! We are going! YAY! We bought tickets at the con last year and after finding out I was pregnant figured it wasn't going to be viable this year, but we live 2.5 hours away, and a good friend of ours, Linda, is willing to share her room with all of us, so we are going to go for Friday and Sat! I can't wait to see everyone! We have a group that gets together every con now, like a little geek family LOL! =D It's going to be a blast, so expect updates on that in the near future :P)

The six day work week will start when I come back from my vacation, but for how long I'm wondering? I have to tell my D&D group that the game is going to have to get put on hiatus until this is done. I'm having a hard time running it with everything else on my plate, and I hope they understand :( Jason said he can try to run a game while I'm so busy, so I can play to, but I don't know how practical that will be trying to cram all my homework in during the work week and my one day off *sigh* This really depresses me to think about as I feel like I have no time for anything in my life I really want to do. I keep telling myself, two more years to go and I'll have my degree, eye on the prize!

Counseling with Jason has seemed rather pointless. We have both saw the counselor together twice and separately once, but he seemed to just tell us to 'listen to each other' (which we don't have a problem talking or discussing our problems, what we are having a problem with is finding the 'root' of our problems hence why we hired him.)

He, the counselor, also kind of irritated me on our single session by seemingly concentrating on parts of my past (that to me didn't really have anything to do with Jason and me but was more of an 'interesting topic' for him to explore.) For those of you that don't know, during the ages of 16 to 18 I was a runaway and during that time I was a dancer and prostitute to survive. It isn't something I am proud of, but it is what it is. The counselor seemed to take special interest in this fact asking me all kinds of questions on it etc, and it started to feel like maybe he was thinking on it too much especially when I went to leave and he wanted to give me a prolonged hug... it felt strained for me as I was getting weird vibes from him. I'm not sure if he was just trying to be comforting or cop a feel. I like to think he was just wanting to be nice, and I am leaving it at that for now.

I'm trying not to be judgmental, but this guy doesn't seem very professional. His office is connected to another business where he seemingly rents a room that has two chairs and a couch (all of which are mismatched and kind of tattered) the floors need a major vacuuming, his desk is set up in what looks like a closet against the wall with papers and books stacked up on the floor, and there is religious propaganda all over the walls. I'm not a religious person, I believe there is a god, but I don't necessarily believe any one religion's vision on that god/gods. (Not to mention when he was scheduling our appointments his calendar was pretty open... not much business going on there eh Doc?) But yeah, these thoughts are bouncing around in my head wondering if the way he keeps his office and has no one coming to see him if he's very good at his job... at the least, he's not giving a very good impression other than being a nice person. We have one more free session with him from my work's employee assistant fund, and I think that will be the last time we see him if he doesn't give us some actual advice that we can't give ourselves.

Some awesomeness....

The beautiful frostydragon, (You can find her here --> or here --> has made me a lovely birthday gift art of spanky proportions! I expressed to her that I grew pretty fond of the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs movies but thought the main character needed a spanking for all his blatant disregard of most everyone else, and so:

How awesome is that? =D

Speaking of art, I got a notice from redbubble that someone bought a pic of mine and had it put on a throw pillow! :)


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