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So, as promised I've got a few pics to share from our adventures in Nashville! =D

Link to my album
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The vacation was a blast for the most part. We had one snag with Jason's step-mom (which was REALLY bad Oo), but other than that, we had a great time on the cruise and visiting with friends although I wish I'd gotten a few more pics of friends while we were there. Oh well.

Let's see if this works...

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I'm seriously glad to be home! I still have a few days left before I have to go back to work, and me and the family are relaxing.

So the smoky mountains... we left out a couple hours later than we'd wanted, but since the DVR had started deleting episodes, so we wanted to get some TV watching in before we left town to make sure we didn't lose anymore, so we didn't get to bed until around 2AM :P We did get the first four episodes of Doctor Who watched which was fun.

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For those interested (mainly [personal profile] ladymidath who has asked for a tale of Edora's background from my D&D game.... I have told her tale thus far under the cut ;)


1) I forgot to mention for Sat, but I got my tuition check! Yay! Concerning Monday, I got out of work early enough to go deposit it, and I was able to get the 5th, 6th, and 7th off as well, so I don't go back to work until the 10th! =D Now all funds are in place for our soon to be vacation. Also for Sunday, I got to watch the new Walking Dead and the last two episodes of Boardwalk Empire. I wasn't really satisfied with how they ended the series as they left a bit unsettled for my taste, but in the end, I kind of saw things would come back around full circle.

2) Was able to get an hour nap with the whole family before going to Walmart to pick up a few odds and ends and back in time to get to my class... although I did log in late since Mozilla didn't want to play the chat, and I had to download Google Chrome to get it to work properly. I only missed 7 minutes which I'm listening to while I write this as I'd forgotten until now LOL!

3) I got a lot of emails caught up Before bed!


1) I went in to work and they were so slow, I got to go home and start my vacation early! I'm officially on vacation! YAY!!! XD

2)I had 91 new emails when I logged on, and I got it down to 18 before I went to back to bed for a couple hours. :)

3) I'm on vacation! LOL! Everything seems better when you don't have to go back to work for a little while! ;) I got the newest emails caught up, and I'm just relaxing a bit before I get started on my DB which is only an outline for phase 4 and 5 that shouldn't take me too long, and it'll help me to write my phase 4... and I now have extra time to do it as well as watch shows. I'm so excited! =D

For Halloween a little laugh LOL! I'm so freaking crass ;)

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So I've been meaning to update with pics for you guys and a couple videos to boot ;)

I'm being lazy, so I'm just linking you to the album I made for the family in Facebook ;)

I'm in class at the moment, half way done! Woot! I was thinking of maybe having a picspam post of some of my fave fandoms since I've collected a bunch of them through time, and maybe it'll be enjoyed by you guys as well as spank some convos ;)

I'm back!

Jul. 5th, 2013 03:53 pm
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Okay! The family and I rolled in last night around 9PM... been unpacking, grocery shopping, and cleaning since, but I'm going to start catching up on emails now! Woot! Once I do that, I'll make a respectable post with pics and details of the trip ;) I apologize in advance if I skip a few posts as I have a TON to catch up on. (I tried to answer a few here and there while at Jason's dad's, but there are quite a few I couldn't multi-task with and needed my full attention to read and absorb like fics and such ;)

As a side note, Jason and I are about to go full on diet mode on Monday until DragonCon comes up Labor day weekend (our next big vacation for the year :P) Little man will be going to spend the week with the rents, while mommy, daddy, and Scott go party hardy in Atlanta! Yay to geek fest! =D Wish us luck! I really need to drop some pounds! 0o
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First of all, it's officially my birthday! Yay! =D I've got lots to share as well since checking email has been spotty with preparing for the 3 day cruise to the Bahamas followed by hanging with Jason's dad when we get back (along with FL friends!)

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