Aug. 29th, 2015 04:32 pm
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The last update I made was kind of lame, so I wanted to post something more upbeat and happy :)

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First of all, hope everyone had a great holiday!

This Easter bunny saw war bringing you those precious eggs! I hope you're happy! LOL!

I will be posting a couple videos of the day with the kids having fun :) I have two videos of Nox, one of him taking his first steps, and another that's just him being a cutie patootie! ;)

This next week is going to be crazy for me. I've got a lot of work in my area to still catch up (having to cover other positions put me very far behind, and it didn't help that I had to take last Monday off to go to the dentist :/... but it'll all work out in the end) Inventory is coming the 17th, so it's always insane when we have these quarterly clean ups, but I'm dying to have it just to get everything back in order again!

Lucian's birthday is Tues, so I'm going to take him out to the movies to try and make his day special... we might take him to the park before that depending on when I get out of work. And then, Sat we are celebrating both boys birthday with a party. I picked up quite a few supplies already, but I still have to set up the pool (which is going to be a bitch!) once the ground tarp (to keep it safe from holes) comes in from Amazon.

Thankfully this new class only has 5 assignments due all through the online testing site. Data driven statistics! And then, I'm taking a semester off and we will be going on our cruise! Yay! =D There was a few hitches with the cruise we wanted (which ticked me off further with this time share place, but whatever. I'm just glad we didn't buy one. The cruise I had picked was a 7-day going to the Caribbean, and this one is a 5-day going to the Cayman isles, and even though it's fewer days, we wave both been to the Caribbean before and never the Cayman isles, and honestly, 5 days is long enough to be away from my babies without worrying to death from not being able to have contact! Oo I think we will purchase a little internet time just to Skype back and forth to make sure they are okay. :P

Now then, on to Nox cuteness!

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First of all, I almost died laughing from a comment over at [personal profile] siduri's page! You guys are going to be amused, trust me ;)

Also, I was over at [personal profile] phoenix_dragon's page, prolific writer that she is had a writing meme going, I sort of am mix and matching it with another meme to see if I can do a little bit of drabbles for you guys. Here is the meme I mixed up from [personal profile] phoenix_dragon and a random fanfic meme that the lovely [personal profile] irishvampire13 was kind enough to point me to :)

Put a number and two characters from the same fandom in a comment, and get a drabble.

1. roaming the forest
2. lowered lashes
3. a lost childhood memory
4. the dark things you fear
5. entwined at dusk
6. underwater
7. a long time ago
8. blackest night
9. a cruel illusion
10. wicked truth
11. injured
12. sick
13. drunk
14. cry
15. lonely
16. fight
17. afraid
18. humiliated
19. bullied
20. disoriented
21. stressed
22. too much
23. not enough
24. death of loved one
25. ghosts from the past
26. delirious
27. fever
28. worried
29. anxiety

I know a lot of fandoms, here are a few to pick from, and if it's not on the list, please feel free to ask, and I'll let you know if I'm familiar with the fandom! =D

Black Sails
Doctor Who
Walking Dead
True Blood
Boardwalk Empire
The Leftovers
Game of Thrones
The Flash
Being Human
Ugly Americans
Hell on Wheels
Person of Interest
Once Upon a Time
Venture Bros....

That's all I can remember at the moment, but there are more, so feel free to ask if yours is not on the list ;)
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Promised a few pics and videos from Christmas, I wanted to share a few from the trip to see my dad and extended family, but when we went to take pics, we got two and realized the memory was out (because I didn't transfer the Christmas stuff from Friday off the camera... boo on me! Oo

But, even without pictures and videos to share from the trip, we had a very nice relaxing visit outside of Lucian acting out a bit. The kids got lots of toys which Lucian has laid claim to LOL! And Jason and I also got some very nice gifts from the rents to enjoy. I got a few things from my Amazon wish list that I've been wanting badly! Some paint gear stuff to get me started painting with some real tools rather than the crap brushes I have now Yay! Now if I can muster up some time to work on something *eyebrow wiggle*

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So, I needed a pic me up from the hell life has been throwing at me, and Nox complied by giving us a first time laugh! =D I of course rushed to get the camera as all doting parents are prone to do. I have a couple super cute brother pics of Lucian and Nox to share as well, Lucian loves his little brother so :)

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I know I've been posting like crazy guys, so many good things to share, and I actually have the TIME to post! :) I hope everyone had a great day, it was a gorgeous weekend out here averaging around 72 degrees! I of course have some pics and videos of the kids to share with you guys :P

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Mar. 8th, 2014 11:16 am
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It's been a while I know, I have a hard time keeping up these days with work, school, and home life. I do have a few things to chat about though, and some pics/videos of Lucian to share =D Oh! Just FINALLY decided on a baby name for the new little one! Nox Liam :)

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I've got a lot to share, and instead of waiting until several months down the road, I plan to spill and picspam you now LOL!

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I just had to share this one because it's just perfect :)

I'll do another real update after class tonight ;)

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So I've been meaning to update with pics for you guys and a couple videos to boot ;)

I'm being lazy, so I'm just linking you to the album I made for the family in Facebook ;)

I'm in class at the moment, half way done! Woot! I was thinking of maybe having a picspam post of some of my fave fandoms since I've collected a bunch of them through time, and maybe it'll be enjoyed by you guys as well as spank some convos ;)
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So I finished my last assignment for my marketing class! Yay! I've gotten A's on all but two papers and the other two were A-'s One left to be graded, and as long as I don't do horribly on it, I should keep my 4.0! =D

Got a video of Lucian dancing at the end credits of WIR... I think he loves that movie more than me! LOL! Also, I took pics of my new Yiynova MSP19U and my goodie box gift all the way from England! Thanks again Daniel! *snuggles you tight*

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Okay, so I've been meaning to update this for quite a while! I have a couple videos and pics from Donny's B day trip, Lucian's birthday week, and Easter... yes, I'm REALLY behind! LOL! But, I tried to cut down to just a few, and videos are really short, so no worries :P

P.S. Donny, I drew your Roger Rabbit as well, and that will be below as well =D

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