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Jun. 8th, 2017 01:35 am
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It's my buddy Shannon's birthday (was on the 7th anyway,) and we celebrated by going out to get pedicures together (where we also were served wine! Now that's what I call proper pampering! XD) We got a couple pics together (Shannon loves her selfies!), so I figured I'd share with you guys to (one was from the previous weekend when we went out shopping. Ha ha, but they both make me smile :)

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First of all, it's been a great birthday! =D Lunch at Logan's then went see How to train your dragon 2 (which is super awesome and Toothless is made of adorable! Like that's a surprise right?) followed by a trip to the comic store to order figures for my pirates D&D campaign I'm running and an ice cream cone to top off the day. Lucian probably enjoyed the day as much as I did! LOL! He made a little friend at the comic book store and didn't want to leave :P

[profile] dillonmania was awesome enough to write me a ficlet for the Flash Rogues Roscoe(the Top) and Lisa (Golden Glider) that you can check out here! : http://dillonmania.livejournal.com/11077.html Thank you so much my sweet! =D

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A few pics of Lucian celebrating our mixed birthday/baby shower :) I wanted to post these before Nox comes on Monday morning... then you can expect to be bombarded with lots of newborn pics to share as soon as I'm cognitive enough to do so :P

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Okay, so I've been meaning to update this for quite a while! I have a couple videos and pics from Donny's B day trip, Lucian's birthday week, and Easter... yes, I'm REALLY behind! LOL! But, I tried to cut down to just a few, and videos are really short, so no worries :P

P.S. Donny, I drew your Roger Rabbit as well, and that will be below as well =D

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It's Lucian's 2nd birthday today! Yay! He's down for a nap at the moment, but when he gets up, we are heading to Chucky Cheese to spend the afternoon with his buddy Pippy :) There will be pics to share later for sure ;)

Also, I'm done! This was the final bit to finish this class off! Wahoo! =D This was supposed to pick a passage from a book/story and capture a moment to describe it. Out of the three, this one seemed the most fun. I added the text to the bottom of the picture, but I'm not sure how readable it'll be, so here it is again below ;)

Mercury once determined to learn in what esteem he was held among mortals. For this purpose he assumed the character of a man and visited in this disguise a Sculptor's studio having looked at various statues, he demanded the price of two figures of Jupiter and Juno. When the sum at which they were valued was named, he pointed to a figure of himself, saying to the Sculptor, "You will certainly want much more for this, as it is the statue of the Messenger of the Gods, and author of all your gain." The Sculptor replied, "Well, if you will buy these, I'll fling you that into the bargain." -Aesop

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