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So Jason, lovely husband that he is has written me the latest chapter in my A Friend to the 'end' story... *evil grin* It's fun as for every chapter I post we've worked out at least three more spankings to come! LOL! XD Poor Oswald, he really has no luck over in these parts ;)

Other than that, it's been a pretty crazy week! I literally just finished my homework a little over an hour ago (We took enough time out to watch the latest Walking Dead, (Does anyone else but me think that Rick and his group are making a big mistake with this community? I have a feeling their inability to trust is going to be their downfall...) and I'm posting this fic, and gods it's already 1AM Oo)

Hope everyone has been doing well. I know I've fallen behind a bit... two more weeks for this semester to end, and I can't wait! Yes, I am a bit tipsy on wine what of it! LOL! :P

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I'm missing my shows! Evil hiatus! So in honor of Walking Dead, I share an album of collected art/pics I've gathered for all my fellow dead heads. For those that have watched up until the latest episode, what are your thoughts on the show thus far, what do you want to see happen when the show comes back in Feb?

WARNING for spoilers in the comments! :P
Walking Dead - Imgur
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First of all, it's officially my birthday! Yay! =D I've got lots to share as well since checking email has been spotty with preparing for the 3 day cruise to the Bahamas followed by hanging with Jason's dad when we get back (along with FL friends!)

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