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Sorry I haven't been around lately. I have been meaning to make a post but just haven't 'felt' up to it. Life isn't bad or anything, but I've been a bit down lately. Not really sure why, maybe because work has been really rough lately... it is what it is.

Still, lots of good things to share! Pics of the kids from our yearly photo shoot we had taken and more below the cut!

First bit of good news, I passed my last class and kept my 4.0!

This was by far the hardest class I've taken to be sure! Teacher was a dream though, and I think that helped get me to the next level.

I had pics taken of the boys for their birthday yearly photos. I have them posted here:

Also a few weeks ago, I got a few playing in the yard with the family... and took a recent pic of myself! It's here:

Nox is taking his first steps! I need to film it, but the camera is never in sight when he does it! LOL! Lucian has been doing well, got him a keyboard and a stand for his tablet since he's taken to enjoying typing out his spelling words! He makes me so proud! =D

Will of course have more pics for Easter this weekend and the boys joint birthday party... need to get invitations made! Oo I suck LOL!

I will be working on an art trade for a DA friend that completed her half of our art trade, so something to look forward to in the future if I can get my head screwed on straight ;)

I hope everyone has been doing well! It's been kind of quiet out in LJ land I've noticed... not like I haven't been contributing to that! :P
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