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I know it's been forever since I've updated, and I'm sorry for that. I've been a bit down lately, and life has been crazy for me between school and work. Thankfully I just finished my last assignment for this class, and my next class doesn't start until this coming Sunday, so I get a few days of peace to do what I want to do. (Other than playing Elder Scrolls Online... ha ha yeah, I've been enjoying a bit of PS4 which has me REALLY behind on my emails *blush*)

As you guys know, I didn't get that position I'd wanted, but the girl that got it did deserve it, so I'm happy for her. She was the person who lefts backup, so completely understandable. Also, as a plus, the DC manager told me that I'd impressed him. He had said he was impressed before, but after speaking to me even more so (which made me feel really good especially since he told me he didn't tell everyone that.) I was fine enough continuing on as I was. And then, this...

Long rant ahead, so if you want to turn back now feel free...

Since then, when I'd come in that Thursday, three weeks prior, they told me that Kim needed to get the receiving clerk position down, so Shika (the person who was the receiving clerk) would be in my position and me in Kim's, I had no problem with that as I wasn't ever officially trained as a trailer locator, so experience is always a plus. The end of the day that Friday, they brought me in to the office to tell me this move was going to be permanent. I asked... Why? They replied that due to me not keeping up with OS&D's (which I promptly showed proof that I had in fact been keeping up with them) to which they back pedaled trying to tell me it was also because I didn't keep up with the RSL (which is not my job or ever has been, it's the manager's job!)

The manager had sent me an email Tuesday (that same week the change was made) after I'd left for the day with an email attachment basically coming from inventory control where they had asked me to write up OS&D's for merchandise received without ever being written up (which the person from corporate (Samantha) will not accept unless it's 'just so' which means there's no way in hell she's accepting them without proper documentation that I have absolutely no way to track or complete.) and I said as much to inventory control. They sent the email to their manager, Allen, who sent the email chain to my manager basically stating that he was wondering why I didn't know how to do RSLs. she only responds to me in that email saying that it's a long process, and she'll call me tomorrow and 'walk me through it.' (ESS had been the week prior, and they needed to clean up the books) Well, I was off that Wed, so I never got the email until I'd come back in on Thurs. That was the Thurs all these 'changes' happened.

Anyway, I sent that email to HR before our conversation that I asked to have following the 'changes' conversation. HR said they would talk to my manager when the HR man, Nick, came back in on Tues since Roz (my manager) had been on vacation all that week and he was off Monday for his birthday. Well, Roz was hardly there all that next week (after the whole week she was off for vacation), and she never said a word to me, so that following Friday I went back to HR to discuss what the hell was happening. He seemed surprised that she hadn't spoken to me, and told me to go home, he'd call her and she'd talk to me soon.

That Monday she finally pulls me in her office turning the story all around to say that the move was talked about around a month ago (bullshit, everyone else in the office also calls bullshit when I queried about it to be sure whether I just hadn't heard it somehow.) She tried to say that this move wasn't a punishment. Supposedly the move was to get everyone in the office trained to fulfill every position... and that I just needed to be 'flexible.' If it was just about 'being flexible' and it wasn't a punishment, then what the hell was that bull about OS&D's and the RSL? Don't fucking try to play me! I see what you're doing, and the fact that I've been keeping tabs since our last altercation months ago played out. I know you're a fucking snake, and I sure as hell am not turning my back on you as you caught me slipping once, and it'll never happen again as far as I can help it!

I have no problem being flexible, I have worked every position in that department for you. I have worked my job as a VP clerk, Shannon's job as the PR clerk, every day I cover for the receiving clerk's lunches and breaks, I've gone on the floor to receive product in as a checker without ever a word or hint of disgruntlement. I've done both my job and Shannon's (working two jobs at the same time drowning in the work so poor Shannon could have a vacation) even though you had someone who was trained to do Shannon's job but literally pretty much only sat around the office only to fetch your lunch for you and do gopher runs because she was so far up your ass she was looking out your throat. Who you subsequently just promoted to a supervisor which has almost EVERYONE baffled (this woman she promoted has one of the worst attitudes that hardly anyone can stand her. The same woman that was kicked out of the LDC (leader in training) program in shipping and sent back to our department because of her attitude there, but you took her back in keeping her doing who knows what other than surfing on her phone and playing around on her computer where you instructed the other two supervisors with 'don't do that to her' (put her on the floor to do Shannon's job) but it's okay to do that to me? Not only that, but also expect me to keep up with my work on top of that? Whatever, sure, I can do two jobs at once and her sit on her ass doing nothing. And no, I'm not the only one saying that, everyone wonders what the hell she does because it sure isn't anything we can see...

This past week they had me out on the floor as a checker all week (which I'm actually happy for! Get me the hell out of that damn office please!), and it dawns on me that this is the real reason you shifted me to this position. Kim was supposed to be trained as a checker to check and trailer locate as well as cover the receiving desk on Sat. Kim is struggling with the receiving clerk position (because it's a lot to get down, and it's a hectic job) so, it's going to be a minute before she's ever going to be ready to learn to check let alone have all three down pat. I'm trained and capable... in every position, so I can be your joker that you stick in to fill any roll. Not having me as the VP clerk frees my 'responsibilities' up, so you can put me where ever you need me to be when ever you need me to be there... there you go.

Funny thing is, if they had come to me asking to switch positions to help like this for a while, I'd have said sure, no problem! I like helping out, but to come at me like I was doing my job poorly and that you felt the need to move me followed by 'this was all a misunderstanding because the information had been passed along through texts' because you knew you couldn't pull that shit on me since I'd already covered my ass for what you were trying to do to me. You couldn't just pull a 'he said she said' (with me being the loser over management's word) instead, you wanted to make it out like I'm just not 'going with the flow.'

Utter and complete bull... I feel myself sinking into a personal hell pit of despair where I'm constantly worried day to day whether or not she's going to find some other way to try to fuck with me and my job. They tried to write me up over a 'switched plate error last week, and I put my foot down and told them what they were trying to do wasn't fair. As the VP clerk I have seen all the multiple errors that came in on all the checkers in our department, and if they had been written up for every error progressively, that more than half of them wouldn't have a job now. The supervisor trying to write me up agreed and backed down saying I was right and walked away with it. All I have to say is it better not come back up again, or I'm going straight to the DC manager over this shit. You're not going to hold me to a different standard no matter how good I am at my job, occasionally, I'm going to make a mistake. To err is human.

*sigh* I keep telling myself this is not forever. Just finish my degree, eye on the prize, and all this shit will be a distant memory. :(


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