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Another pic from [profile] frostydragon! Known on DA as Twintwosgirl! ( and my Rise of the Guardians fic.

And of course, and excerpt to know what is going on :P

"When he saw the tendrils of dreamsand arching out across the sky, Pitch scowled, “Of course you would show up to fowl the lovely little nightmares I’ve worked so hard on.” No matter, he’d just steal them back he thought bitterly as he ducked under the child’s bed he’d been about to scare.
This happenstance had happened many a time before, and normally Pitch would move on to haunt another child’s dreams, but feeling indignant over his recent failures, he lay in wait to infect Sandy’s dreamsand with his own touch once the child had begun to smile obviously enjoying the dreams Sandy had emitted.

Unlike previously where when Pitch had touched the sand it had corrupted and turned black and jagged, this time the golden sand seemed to attach to his fingertips. Instinctively Pitch pulled away as if he’d been bitten, but the dreamsand was like an angry swarm of bees amassing through the window and whirling around first his arm and then the rest of him as Pitch swatted madly at the sand terrified of having the reverse of what he’d done to the Sandman in their last battle happen to him, but his efforts were in vain, and he was quickly engulfed in the sands coated in flecks of gold that adhered to him. "


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