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So, I'm a bit distressed. The work I'm doing has been okay so far, but the past two weeks I've gotten about 38 hours... which makes for a sorry paycheck when you are used to working an average of 50+ a week. I'm a little scared because yesterday and today I only was able to get 8hrs and then 9hrs with an 'expected' 8hrs a day on average while the volume is low... 4 days a week! Around 32hrs a week? Are you fucking kidding me?! =( I can't support my family on that being the sole provider, not to mention they are pulling $146.62 a week out of my check for insurance (normally $131) for back pay for the last month before I returned for work. It's really stressing me out :(

On the positive side, I had a rough week for school work, and the extra time gave me what I needed to get my final project done that I somehow managed to misread at first (most classes I've taken at CTU, the last assignment is usually an add on to the previous week's major project (this was a 10 to 12 slide Powerpoint with 200-300 words per slide) the next week was the same making the project a 20 to 24 slide project... I spent from 1PM to midnight working on that as I misread it to be an additive of quality management of 2 to 3 slides as it looked almost identical to the first... thankfully I noted the difference and was able to get it done on time! Yay! This teacher is also super fast with grading! =D

Money is going to be tight with less hours, but I'm looking at the positive, I'd like to do some drawing, and of course getting more time with the family is always a good thing. Jason and I got in a really bad argument last Thursday... I'm not going to go into details, but we almost decided to get a divorce over it. Since then, we've gotten in touch with a marriage counselor, and our first appointment is tomorrow morning. I feel antsy about it, but I think we both need this as I really do want our relationship to work out... we've known each other since Jan 2000, and were fast best friends. Stress on both sides have caused a lot of issues, hopefully the counselor will help bring them to a head so we can get past them.
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