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I made art! Yay! This is a piece (one of I don't know how many I'll make, but I'm hoping many for my From Nightmares to dreams story. I did a doodle last week that I played with, but not noteworthy enough to really share, but I'm pretty pleased with this piece!

This picture is a scene from the first chapter. Here's the quote from the story it's drawn for:

Quote from my story of the scene this is drawn for:
"A light illuminated in the distance, and Pitch’s brow furrowed. Was it a trick? He cautiously moved towards it trying to keep his anxiety in check that this was in fact just another terrible nightmare waiting to dash any strand of hope he may have. His heart quickened as he drew near, and snorts of recognition resonated off the walls. The nightmares could sense him acutely now, and it would not be long before they were upon him he knew.
But the light; the light had not vanished as he had expected it to. No, straight above, the night sky could be seen passing through the cracked boards of the entrance to his lair. It has to be a trick! His mind screamed at him that he was a fool for even contemplating the notion. After all, this entrance had been sealed under compacted dirt so long ago that Pitch had almost forgotten what it had looked like. The light did not fade away as he had anticipated though, and the starlight above seemed to shine an ever brighter hue beckoning him."


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