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It's been kind of quiet around here as of late. I promised [profile] frostydragon that I'd share a link to my personal collection of spanking art I've collected over the years, and I figured since I haven't posted since the situation with my neighbor I'd let everyone know that everything seems pretty cool. I do think it was the alcohol that had her getting a bit clingy and the fact that she was feeling lonely. We touched briefly on the subject (mostly she just wanted to find out if I'd told Jason and after finding out that I did being reassured he wasn't a blabber mouth) I really like her, and I'm not going to lie that I wanted to reach out and touch her again noticing her even more now since our night together, but I gather that is normal whenever two people share intimacy. I didn't and don't plan to react on those urges again though as I think it best to let it go mostly because I really don't feel comfortable with the lack of honesty on her part with her own partner. It makes me feel like a bad person, and I don't want to feel that way. We did all go out to eat (both families) and that went well, and a couple night's ago, she brought Pippy by to play with Lucian, and Jason took them outside while we went back to the bedroom, so I could breastfeed Nox and just talk. We enjoyed each other's company like old times, and the whole encounter made me feel that we can go back to the way things were, so I'm pretty happy it has seemingly all worked out without any drama. Yay! =D

Outside of that, I'm working LOTS of hours making them big bucks! LOL! I'm relieved to say this latest class has been a lot less nerve wracking than the last couple, and that's been really nice and rather convenient since I'm working all these crazy hours at the moment. Still writing with [profile] cat2000 and should have another update in the near future :)

I hope everyone else out in LJ land has been doing well! *hugs*

Before I forget... that spanking pic link! XD

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I know I'm missing two questions from the 19th and the 20th! (Sorry [profile] frostydragon and [profile] ficwriterjet! This past week has been a whirlwind it feels like! oO I plan to answer them hopefully tomorrow, if not, I apologize in advance!

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Gods I've been so caught up with this latest project that I'm falling behind on updating here. I have half of it done thankfully, and I am hoping to finish it up by Saturday. I have a few pics and videos to share by then as well, and I am looking SO forward to having next week off for Christmas from both work AND school! YAY! =D We are going to be heading out Tuesday to my dad's and will be heading home the day after Christmas, so I may fall behind depending on activities and holiday'ing' :P

Some sad news:
Hercules went missing two Sunday's ago, and we have about given up hope of his returning :( We think he got out when we were bringing in the groceries (he loved to sneak out in to the yard whenever we had to do this, and I gather we had been so tied up with the kids we hadn't noticed until that night.) He had gone missing for a day or so prior to this, but he's never been gone this long. I just really hope that some family saw him out and about and being that he's super friendly took him in. It has been averaging in the mid thirties, and it is definitely a bad time of year for him to have gone exploring *sigh* Send out hopeful vibes for his safety and happiness wherever he may be *tears*

I'm going to move away from that depressing thought now... Questions below the cut!

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So, I got this cute little Christmas tradition called Elf on a Shelf from my step-mom last year to show to Lucian where it has a video and a book along with a little stuffed elf. The story is that the elf is taken out and given a name, and from this he gets his magic to fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa if you've been naughty or nice and what you want for Christmas :P Lucian was still a little too young last year, so I saved it for this year. We watched the video tonight, and Lucian gave his elf the name 'Jack' This is going to be fun LOL! Here's a pic of me and the kids watching the video with his little elf ;) (Of course this is before I realized kids aren't supposed to 'touch' them or they'll lose their magic! LOL! I don't think Lucian will remember that part though :P

We got a lot accomplished today. Did a thorough clean of the house dusting and sweeping/mopping as well as reorganizing the closet. Broke down the baby's swing that he's gotten too big for to bring to the thrift store along with clothes I'd already gone through and set aside for donation. We found crib bumpers for Lucian's old crib (since we needed to switch it out for Nox's co-sleeper... we woke to find him peering over the top of it LOL! I wanted to switch it out before he starts developing upper body strength enough to pull himself up, so he can't climb out and hurt himself.) We found so many awesome toys for the kids! We weren't able to buy many, and I was feeling down about it, but the thrift store had a lot of nice stuff that we would have otherwise never been able to afford new. I spent a good two hours cleaning and bleaching them to get them ready for wrapping. Tomorrow we plan to use Scott's truck and get a tree! =D

I need to get started on my 2nd IP for the week, but our teacher still hasn't given us an updated lecture for last week's chat or any grades... they are supposed to be uploaded no later than Friday's on their side... I feel bad for her loss, but we kind of still have to keep up with the course work. Is that mean of me to feel?

On the flipside, here's a fun little meme that a few of you are doing, and I decided it'd be fun to play as well :)

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything goes - whatever strikes your fancy, and nothing is taboo or TMI, or any of that nonsense. If you're not comfortable asking here, go ahead and PM me.
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I woke up this morning with a smile on my face thinking about all the things I hold dear and appreciate.

I'm thankful for:

My kids, they make every day worth striving to be a better person

My husband, who taught me the meaning of commitment

My family, for giving me life, memories, and an understanding of what it is to love someone even if at times you feel like you've hated them

My friends, you've given me your heart, your shoulder, and inspiration, laughs, and joy

My cats, you always know when I need a nuzzle

My school, for giving me opportunity to be something more

My job, for providing a stable earning to feed my family

My health, so that I can rise every morning and enjoy life

There is so much to be thankful for; I couldn't possibly list it all (and if I did, it'd likely bore you to tears! LOL!) But I did want to drop by and say that I hope everyone's Thanksgiving has been good and to know that you are all loved *snugs and hugs!*

I did have a little video to share of Nox and Lucian ;)

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I'm seriously glad to be home! I still have a few days left before I have to go back to work, and me and the family are relaxing.

So the smoky mountains... we left out a couple hours later than we'd wanted, but since the DVR had started deleting episodes, so we wanted to get some TV watching in before we left town to make sure we didn't lose anymore, so we didn't get to bed until around 2AM :P We did get the first four episodes of Doctor Who watched which was fun.

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The past few days have been pretty nice! :) Tomorrow we will be resuming our D&D game without Sean... it doesn't make us feel good, and he admitted his head hasn't been in the game for a couple months now. I'm happy we were able to address the issue without any hard feelings, but it still makes me feel sad we had to cut him off in order to do so.

My Orc character wears a pendant that disguises her true form to look like a Grecian woman. She is also a former slave turned gladiator that wields an executioner ax, so to celebrate the return of D&D, I wanted to share the pic I chose for my character... I did a lot of searching on the internet, so I couldn't even begin to tell you where I got it... I think it was on some D&D message board for art that had women wearing outfits that actually made sense verse the 'scantly clad' ridiculousness that most fantasy art shows. Don't get me wrong, it can be sexy, but I've just grown so weary of seeing it. It just makes an affirmation that women are eye candy and not to be taken as more than a sex object... my tolerance for that kind of art has been growing thin as I get older I suppose.

Positive updates under the cut! =D
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Oh man, I'm SO tired right now! I just tried to read some of my emails, and my eyes started crossing... Jason and I didn't get much sleep last night, so we are going to try to go to bed early and sleep a full night and hopefully get up early tomorrow (saying Nox is agreeable :P), so I can do homework and be able to relax on my day off. Plans are to take the kids to the park if I can finish my homework in a timely manner. Cross your fingers for me! :)

Today was a great day! =D

I got off work around 12:30PM, went home to feed Nox before Shannon (a co-worker) and I went to get lunch together followed by a haircut. We had a few long island iced teas at the restaurant before going to get our haircut, and it was a blast! It's been a LONG time since I've been able to go out for a drink with a friend. Haircut came out well, and while she was still getting her hair done, I picked up some pumpkin cinnamon body creme at Bath and Body Works and a couple candles for nice autumn smells to fill the house :) I had a really nice time once I got back home spending a couple hours hanging with the family, and I still have all day tomorrow... it almost felt like I had a two day weekend! :)

Hope this post isn't too incoherent... I would have waited to post, but I wanted to post today, so I could wish [personal profile] 90scartoonman a very happy birthday! I hope it was a blast my dear! =D
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1) The highlight of my day! Lucian was able to spell the word fox! =D

2) I didn't get out of work early, but we got out of there around 4:30, so not too bad. Our manager congratulated us on a job well done getting inventory squared away (which was a miracle considering this particular shift had all the new checkers where more than half of them don't give a damn about whether they do a good job and three fourths of them it's a miracle they still have a job because they make so many mistakes... I nicknamed them the Spongebob crew :P) The dock was spic and span, and it always feels good to know all the issues drifting about have been resolved, and when I go in tomorrow, it's a fresh clean sheet. =D

3) Watched Person of Interest! I love that show, and in my opinion, it's just gotten better every season (which for a lot of shows it's just the opposite. The machine found a way to help fund the crew and Fusco got to shine! Yay Fusco! XD I have a lot of love for Fusco, and I like episodes that give him his due ;)

Some Person of Interest fan art:

This one was from the first season...

This one a good friend of mine, Isaacsporcaelus, from DA drew!

Isn't she amazing! =D If you'd like to see more of her work, check her out here:

One last thing, Happy birthday to frostydragon!

It's off to bed for me, miles of smiles! :)
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So I was catching up on a few posts, and I've noted a really cool aspect [profile] vaysha does in her posts of adding beautiful pictures and quotes, and I have enjoyed seeing them and have come to look forward to it in her posts. Being fitfully inspired, I'm going to try to add some flavor to my LJ to share some of what I've come upon and think is worth sharing outside of the same old life updates.

I need a little humor as today was a bit of a bad day...

I got written up today over a mistake I had done last Saturday. I had tried to help a fellow employee by not creating a CRCV (corrective receiver) by adjusting a pallet quantity out RFCC (cycle count out) because I knew the remaining cases were coming on a load due to come in that afternoon, and doing the PR position, I knew the cases I'd RFCC'd out, I could RFCC back in with the new load. The inventory manager got pissed at me for doing so even though he told me he understood why I did it... I was just trying to make less overall adjustments on the ledger and save Twilla from getting in trouble. Instead, I got in trouble. :( No use crying over spilled milk. Thankfully, it's only a verbal, so it didn't effect my tuition reimbursement! (The good of this point! LOL!) I came home to check the status of my reimbursement to see it FINALLY has been reviewed meaning I gets a check! Woot! Just in time for our coming vacation the weekend of the 31st! =D

This is an oldie but a goodie that I found back when 300 first came out XD

And this is a new one, I think I saw it on DA, honestly I don't remember, but it's freaking hilarious! =D

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The title is dedicated to a lovely chat about H.P. Lovecraft earlier today, so now the quote was running rampant in my head because it is one that always intrigued me. Cthulhu is coming! Look busy! :P

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If you're wondering about the title, no not referring to the nasty urban definition, although I am feeling quite euphoric! LOL! I got to watch three shows today! (which is a record for me :P) So I'm living three deep in fandom love LOL! (And I just thought it was fun to make those of you that saw the title wonder what the hell I was talking about *snerk* I'm a jerk, I know ;)

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Sep. 26th, 2014 07:38 pm
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So the day was going pretty well. Had an okay day at work and got home at a decent time. I had just sat down to get comfortable when my dad called to tell me that my cousin, Ben, was found dead around midnight last night. No one is really sure what happened, but his girlfriend said she had left him on the couch to go to bed getting up in the middle of the night to check on him because he hadn't come to bed only to find him dead on the floor in his own vomit :( I spoke to his mom, and they think it may have been suffocation due to the fact he'd been drinking, but they won't know until the autopsy comes in. My cousin and I haven't been very close since we were kids as life goes on around us and everyone gets busy doing their own life things and kind of loses touch, but I am very sad to know I'll never see him again. I feel worse for his 8 and 12 year old daughters who not only lost him but on the 3rd lost their maternal grandmother... it's a tough pill to swallow. I'd like to go to the funeral, but it's going to be in MA, and I just don't have the money to make a trip like that on such short notice :(
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This week has just flown by! I honestly don't know where the hours went! I haven't posted my positive updates since last Friday, so I'll try to sum up the week...

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I was going on a pretty good clip with my positive posts, but Thursday was just absolutely horrid, and I was pressed to see the positive. Thinking back though, I got to sit down and read a couple books with Lucian where Nox was equally interested.

Spending time with the kids is always a plus. I honestly can't even remember anything more about that day other than it was draining. The days that followed were not bad but super hectic, so I just didn't have time to reflect and post. So, I'll do a brief catch up here as well as share a couple pics of the cat family (since I haven't shared pics of them in forever and [personal profile] ashmedai had wanted to see a pic of Kit-Kat (the female tabby that I've been told is a rarity :D)

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...Brought to you by the letter P and the number 6! XD Can you tell I live with a toddler? LOL!

1) I was exhausted this morning... Nox was tossing and turning and my nose was chafed from blowing it all night last night. I was dreading work with only 2.5 hours of sleep, but the day actually went really smoothly. I didn't really feel like I was going to fall out like some days, and I think a lot of that was because I stayed pretty busy. My boss complimented Shannon and I for doing a great job right before I left which always makes me feel good. (I've also consecutively gotten at least an hour over 8hrs every day (since they have Shannon and I working six days but only really want us putting in 8hrs, I'm really looking forward to that pay check next week! Woot! =D)

2) Came home to the family and actually got in the pool with Lucian (verse watching from outside the pool... which is half the time :P) Of course we played with his new toy fish, and we also played catch with his water football when he wasn't demanding I piggyback him around the pool LOL! He made me get my exercise for sure! Jason made us a really nice meal of baked well seasoned tilapia and french cut green beans while Nox and I relaxed on the bed to breast feed after Lucian and I got our showers and played the daily color game (I have a ceramic fox cookie jar I picked up from Cracker Barrel (if you don't know, I absolutely ADORE foxes!) it hold a bunch of M&M's, and it's a 'game' Lucian wants to play every time he is brought to the bathroom to point at it and yell" FOX!" of course! :P

3) I made today my kick back and relax day after finishing my student responses for the discussion board. I've been dying to catch up on my emails, and the first thing I did was read the next chapter to a wonderful story [profile] ficwriterjet has been writing for me! She is amazingly good to me! *snuggles her tight!* It's a Once Upon a Time fic based off a plot bunny I had, and she has turned it into so much more! Please give her some love and check out the win! --->

Now then, I'm going to do my best to widdle down the over 130 emails I have currently in my inbox! 0o

Tag! Day 5

Sep. 9th, 2014 11:58 pm
spankingfemme: (Out of It) [personal profile] ashmedai. Here's the deal: The rule: during the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

Day 5 already... this has been a fun meme, and in moments through the day where I've felt depressed, I can say doing this little daily reminder of the positive in my life has helped to keep my spirits up.

I'll apologize in advance if I've not tagged somebody! If I didn't tag you, it was most likely because I didn't think you'd be that interested in the meme. If you are, please do participate tag or not as it really has been an uplifting experience :)

1) Hung out with Lucian by the pool for half an hour when I got home from work to see how elated he was to get this little mechanized fish we bought him last night at Wal-Mart. He kept trying to catch it in his bucket and asking for help LOL! He's so damn cute ;)

2) I got a 2 hour nap! Oh man did I need that! I was starting to feel really down and irritable, and that's usually due to the fact I never sleep enough... like now where it's 11:30PM and I'm typing this up... and will try to answer a couple emails LOL! (That's okay, I need at least 30 minutes to unwind before bed for myself)

3) I finished my outline! *squee!* That thing ate up the entirety of my evening, but now it's done! I feel that it's pretty thorough, so writing the draft this Friday should go pretty smooth as all references are aligned with topics and APA is already done... have I mentioned I really hate doing APA? :P As a side note, I got an A on my last assignment (I check for grade postings every day because I'm OCD like that LOL! 0o)

[profile] dillonmania[profile] jen_rock[profile] frostydragon Tagged!

P.S. I kind of like doing this daily pick me up outside of a meme, do you think if I kept it up outside of this meme that it would become a bit daunting for you guys? There are a few people on my list that post daily that I enjoy keeping up with, but I've had others that it became encumbering, and I ultimately gravitated away from because they posted several times a day and I just couldn't keep up anymore. I just never want to become 'that person' to you. I do try to keep my posts short and sweet so as not to be burdening.

Let me know what you think, and be honest, it won't hurt my feelings!
Hells yeah! Every day baby!
Um... Maybe every couple days?
Once a week is a happier medium
No one wants to hear that much about your daily life! Just post when you've got art, fic, or substantial shit to say!

Tag! Day 4

Sep. 8th, 2014 10:27 pm
spankingfemme: (Out of It) [personal profile] ashmedai. Here's the deal: The rule: during the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

Every day your breathing is a good day...

It's been a rough day, but taking a moment to ponder the positive gives me a little zen.

1) Decided Friday was going to be a shredded chicken taco pot luck with a few co-workers! It'll be nice to get social as the fact I'm breast feeding means all of my breaks are usually spent alone holed up in a back office, so I can pump milk for Mr. Nox (which he fully appreciates :P)

2) Technically this was a plus for yesterday, but when we sat down to watch shows last night I saw two awesome things, #1 Boardwalk Empire is back! *squee!* (or it's a special before the premier, but still, I've been looking forward to it since last season as I've always had a particular love for gangsters) and #2 The season finale of The Leftovers was ready for us to watch! =D (I'd thought maybe the last episode we saw was the finale because there was no show last Sunday, so it was a pleasant surprise to see another episode to conclude the season a bit better... not to say there aren't still a million questions, but I kind of expect that from the writers that also worked on LOST. Hopefully they will tie this show up better than they did that one since it's on a premium channel.

3) Lucian was atrocious last night, so much so that he ended up brushing his teeth and going straight to bed once we got home from dinner last night. Today he was pretty well behaved getting to go swimming (while I took a 45 minute nap! YAY!) Then we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and Sams where we also got a slice of pizza because shopping ran pretty late. Because he was a good boy though, we watched the potty video (with so many horrible potty puns! LOL!) He was excited to see his big boy underwear, and we let him wear a pair over his diaper the one time tonight to hopefully keep him excited about using the potty.

P.S. (to [profile] ficwriterjet I saw they had Veronica Mars the movie on one of the premium channels, so I set it to record; it's on my DVR now for later viewing. I look forward to chatting with you about it when I do! =D

[personal profile] 90scartoonman[personal profile] misterandersen[profile] polkadotsshoes Tagged!
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I'll warn, this is a long post....

Nox will help you endure ;)

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So, I'm a bit distressed. The work I'm doing has been okay so far, but the past two weeks I've gotten about 38 hours... which makes for a sorry paycheck when you are used to working an average of 50+ a week. I'm a little scared because yesterday and today I only was able to get 8hrs and then 9hrs with an 'expected' 8hrs a day on average while the volume is low... 4 days a week! Around 32hrs a week? Are you fucking kidding me?! =( I can't support my family on that being the sole provider, not to mention they are pulling $146.62 a week out of my check for insurance (normally $131) for back pay for the last month before I returned for work. It's really stressing me out :(

On the positive side, I had a rough week for school work, and the extra time gave me what I needed to get my final project done that I somehow managed to misread at first (most classes I've taken at CTU, the last assignment is usually an add on to the previous week's major project (this was a 10 to 12 slide Powerpoint with 200-300 words per slide) the next week was the same making the project a 20 to 24 slide project... I spent from 1PM to midnight working on that as I misread it to be an additive of quality management of 2 to 3 slides as it looked almost identical to the first... thankfully I noted the difference and was able to get it done on time! Yay! This teacher is also super fast with grading! =D

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